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Apollo started with an aim to create a culture of like-minded, passionate employees who loved what they do and challenged themselves every day.  To create a workplace culture and environment that people wanted to be part of and where clients choose to work with us just as much as we wanted to work with them.

Now in our eleventh year, we’ve grown from two people to one hundred and twenty and provide engineering support to global super majors and technology start-ups. We thrive on the challenge and believe we can provide answers that no one else can.

We work with operators, service companies, installation contractors and vessel owners across oil and gas, downstream and nuclear as well as driving the energy transition by supporting wind, wave and tidal projects.

Across our business, our only aim is to support and help you deliver what you need on time and on budget.

We come to work everyday to solve problems. We listen and understand our client’s issues. We appreciate that budgets can be limited and deadlines are tight but here at Apollo, we believe we have the correct attitude to make it work. We are here to give answers, not more questions. We are passionate about engineering and we are Apollo.

Ryan Menzies

Managing Director

Apollo is a front end and through life engineering provider that enables our clients easy access to a highly skilled engineering capability across the energy industry and through the energy transition.

Our clients come to us with engineering problems, confident that we will deliver a safe and timely solution.

By helping clients with their delivery challenges, our goal is to build an international business through sustainable growth by challenging the way things have always been done and providing answers, not more questions.

We do this by living our core values:

Our People

Living our core values is vital to allow us to deliver and to grow. We believe that if our people are happy, challenged, respected and protected, they will do everything they can to make our customers feel the same.

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    Do Apollo only work in Oil and Gas?

    Part of the reason for Apollo formed 10 years ago was to help a an offshore wind client out of a tight space. Apollo now works across Oil and Gas, Renewables, Utilities and Nuclear.

  • 2
    Are all scopes reimbursable?

    No. Apollo are happy to work on a fixed-price basis, as long as the scope is appropriately defined.

  • 3
    Are Apollo only interested in large scopes?

    We were born on quick questions and quick answers. Small scopes can sometimes bring the biggest challenge and the challenge is what we love.

  • 4
    How can Apollo support such a diverse portfolio?

    At Apollo we have a multi-disciplined team with specialities in a whole range of project phases and areas. This allows for maximum engineering time to the client.

  • 5
    How does Digital Applications fit in an engineering company?

    Being an engineering company, it means that we understand the real world challenges faced by engineers. We understand what engineers need to make their job easier. At Apollo, we do the data management so you can spend your time engineering.

  • 6
    Is Apollo committed to the Energy Transition?

    Yes, fully. We recently hosted a thought leadership event on 'Decarbonising a Carbon Industry' and already work across wind, wave and tidal as well as supporting carbon capture, use and storage. The offshore industry is one of the first sectors of the economy to respond to the net-zero target with a clear plan and Apollo intend on doing everything we can to help meet those targets for industry, society and the planet.

  • 7
    Why should I use Apollo?

    We have always been value driven. We have grown in a very difficult market due to our desire to challenge the way it has always been done and to carry out scopes efficiently and on budget. We are client focused and understand that successful delivery helps our clients both professionally and personally and last of all, we are passionate about engineering. We want to solve problems and the harder... the better.

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    Does Apollo provide detailed engineering design as well as construction?

    In 2019, Apollo accepted a 51% investment from our friends at Global Energy Group. This allows Apollo to focus on the front end, renewables, marine and digital applications and our brownfield modifications business merged with Global ICON (Integrity and Construction) to create Global E&C (Engineering and Construction), a fully integrated brownfield EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) contractor.

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