26 April 2021

Apollos Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls lead

Apollo has had a strong growth trajectory since we began in 2010. Due to continued growth across the energy sector we have strengthened our capability in electrical, instruments and controls engineering.

We caught up with David Hedley, who heads up our offering covering Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls to share with you his background, his vision for Apollo’s  E,I &C capabilities and what that means to you, the client.

1. What is your background? 

I started working in electrical engineering after graduating with my Master’s degree with distinction in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My background is working supporting on brownfield scopes. I obtained lots of experience in power system analysis (ETAP software) early in my career that gave me a really solid grounding.

Throughout my career, I have worked for some of the most noticeable names in Oil and Gas including tier 1 contractors and some of the largest operations in the North Sea.

I became a Chartered Electrical Engineer by the age of 27.  This is early by comparison with others but was achievable due to my desire to take on extra responsibility at a young age and a drive to gain as much experience as possible, as quickly as I could. Latterly, I was Lead Electrical Engineer on the BP Clair Ridge hook-up and commissioning project for 5 years, through transition from end of greenfield build, to offshore hook-up, through commissioning and through start-up/first oil.  It was a really rewarding and enjoyable project. Following Clair Ridge start-up, I spent some time providing Electrical operations and maintenance support to BP for their North Sea assets.

2. What makes you passionate about your job?

I love working in a collaborative environment and striving for a successful delivery. I am always developing and love learning new ways to do things. Apollo is an ever-growing environment and with that comes opportunities to ever expand your knowledge, understanding and improving the ways we deliver engineering solutions, which is something that I’m very passionate about!

3. You mentioned you had other offers on the table, why did you choose to work for Apollo?

There are lots of reasons. I felt that in Apollo I could have more of a direct effect on how we deliver engineering on projects (from an Electrical perspective) due to the flat organisational structure. I also felt like there was a great opportunity to build a really strong Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls team relatively from scratch and create an enjoyable and collaborative working environment within the discipline.

More generally Apollo felt like a great place to work, and prior to joining I got the impression that they cared about creating a enjoyable working environment for its employees.

4. What’s been the most exciting project you’ve led at Apollo? 

The current thruster replacement project we are working on has been my most exciting project at Apollo to date. Nothing on the thruster project was straight forward, which appealed to me, as it gave me the opportunity to be creative in my approach to the job.  The  FPSO was heavily space-constrained so locating significant pieces of Electrical equipment and routing large amounts of cable containment was particularly challenging.   We had to optimise our e-house design, to ensure it fitted within the constrained space envelope currently occupied by a redundant metering skid, whilst ensuring sufficient space for maintenance and operation activities.

As the thruster replacement was being implemented whilst the vessel was on station, I found the thruster installation sequencing and hull preparations particularly fascinating.

5. What do you want our clients to remember when they think about Apollo’s E,I &C services?  What differentiates it? 

Within the Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls team at Apollo, I feel that we can offer a broad-ranging, diverse skillset that can be applied to projects of all life cycle phases.  Within our team, we have significant experience in engineering design, construction and commissioning support, operations support, power system analysis, technical studies, asset life extension studies and equipment obsolescence studies.  I feel that this broad-ranging experience sets us apart from some of our competitors and makes Apollo an attractive, flexible and dynamic option for our clients.  As our business model allows us to be flexible to suit our clients need, we can tailor our approach to suit, ensuring we always are a competitive and attractive option.

6. What are you looking forward to doing with your department?

I’m most excited about assembling a team that contain a diverse range of skills, which have the ability to successfully deliver projects/scopes, maximising efficiency and ensure value to the client.  I would like the team to be flexible and dynamic, adapting to change as necessary.

I am looking forward to growing the E, I & C department, creating a team that builds strong relationships with clients, resulting in the award of future work due to successful delivery in the past.

As I am from an Electrical background, I am particularly passionate about asset Electrification concepts and green power solutions.  I feel that we are well placed in Apollo to support our clients in overcoming the challenges associated with reducing carbon emissions, whilst maximising plant uptime and availability.

If you require any support in Electrical, Instrument and Controls support get in touch at consultancy@apollo-oe.com

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