Decarbonisation and Emissions Reduction

Apollo is invested in Net Zero.

The fundamentals of Apollo lie in optimisation and emissions reduction in some way or another. Apollo has the ability to look at piecemeal projects (concept through design) to completion.

From this Apollo has formed a consistent methodology for the evaluation of emissions and implementation programmes.

This has resulted in the development of Apollo’s emissions reduction tool – FUTURE:


    • Frame and agree the basis.  What is the client’s baseline target?
    • Understand, measure and analyse the current scenario
    • Tools to quantify potential benefit for each identified solution
    • Update on emissions and options
    • Rank options based on impact, cost, schedule and ease of implementation
    • Emissions reduction plan


With global efforts to decarbonise the industry, Apollo can support your operations to run as efficiently as possible, not only reducing emissions but reducing cost. To speak to one of the team, contact 

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