Decommissioning and Repurposing

Economic drivers at the end of asset life drive a different perspective and require a behavioural change to OPEX / CAPEX costs to ensure an asset can meet its decommissioning objectives safely and cost effectively.  Apollo understands the required approach needed to efficiently manage a late life asset through to the removals stage.

At Apollo, we leverage our life cycle experience to deliver specific decommissioning support and services to our clients, ensuring a cost effective approach in non-economic life. Apollo can provide operators access to value and fit-for-purpose stewardship of those ultra late-life assets to minimise decommissioning costs.



Permitting and planning

Effective PLANC (Permits, Licences, Authorisations, Notifications and Consents) management is critical to any decommissioning activity. Apollo work with our clients to assure the following activities:

  • Transition planning – reuse and removal planning
  • Environmental and safety critical elements
  • Safety support – safety case, lighthouse planning, integrity planning
  • Due diligence
  • Scheduling and cost


Plug and abandon

Perhaps the largest expense in any decommissioning activity. Apollo have been assisting our clients in the following areas:

  • Safety case development
  • R&D – test facility new products
  • Contaminants removal engineering


Hydrocarbon management

Any decommissioning activity may have a follow on effect for an existing process or export system. Apollo’s process and pipeline engineers work with client challenges to provide cost effective solutions for ongoing hydrocarbon production:

  • Repurposing of process system
  • Pipeline management
  • Export systems reviews


Adaptive integrity

Assuring ongoing asset integrity in a cost constrained environment is focus for our client base. Apollo helps our clients achieve efficient integrity  in operations through the following activities:

  • Asset integrity
  • Power studies
  • Modifications
  • Full multidiscipline support
  • Deferral strategy support


Removal engineering

Safely removing decommissioned assets requires significant engineering. Apollo provides our clients fully engineering options to ensure cost effective removal of assets:

  • Obsolescence
  • Large equipment reverse engineering
  • Structural analysis model holder – jacket reverse engineering
  • Module removal
  • Vessel selection


From removing redundant equipment to removing infrastructure, our experts can drive real efficiencies where it matters most. For decommissioning queries, get in touch on 

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