Apollo is a market leader in understanding solutions that can enable clients to electrify their assets including stand alone, hub or power from shore options. Electrification is a key net zero activity.

Powering assets offshore has traditionally used fuel gas and gas turbine machinery. In times of deficit this has been supplemented by utilising diesel as an energy source. This process comes with a significant carbon footprint and can be negated by importing renewable electricity to power oil and gas assets.

At Apollo, we can:

  • Undertake feasibility, concept and FEED studies for all aspects of Electrification:
    • To reduce operating costs, reduce GHG emissions and remove gas dependency
    • Power from shore (DNO and NGET) with options including
      • 99MW non OFTO connection
      • 99MW non OFTO connection combined with offshore wind
      • GW level transmission connected OFTO solution
    • Power from renewables to replace current power, or supplement it:
      • Floating offshore wind
      • Wave energy
  • Investment case development and challenge
  • Commercial support (investment , PPA etc)

Whether you are looking at the feasibility of electrifying your asset or decarbonising existing systems, speak to the team at consultancy@apollo-oe.com

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