Apollo is involved in a range of industries with a strong emphasis on processing, including both chemical and the mechanical steps that are concerned with processing products on a large scale.

We support you with consultancy, design, operation, bespoke or novel application, piloting and proof of concept work. These can range from large scale solar, carbon capture and storage, LNG, water, waste treatment, petrochemicals and refineries.

Apollo is all about safety, efficiency, optimisation, assurance and problem solving. Our clients have the important questions that need answering and Apollo takes pride in answering them. We use experience, out the box thinking, high end software, in-house tools and proven methods. We ensure our work and solutions are fit for purpose and understand the import business drivers of our clients, thus ensuring answers are appropriate.


Where we can help:

  • Process and technical safety
  • Regulatory requirements, Upper and lower tier COMAH sites
  • Hydraulic analysis, emission and flaring
  • Dynamic and steady state simulation and process modelling
  • Fluid dynamics, mixing optimisation, dispersion and physical effects modelling
  • FEA, stress and structural analysis, pipe routing and layout
  • Equipment sizing and calculations
  • Design basis, design evaluation and verification and standard design deliverables
  • First principle design through to proven methodologies
  • Feasibility, conceptual and option selection
  • Troubleshooting and operational challenges
  • Conceptual work, challenging designs and making best use of existing plant
  • Use of new solutions, novel designs and best available technologies

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